skab standard

ATTICCO - more than just extra space!

ATTICCO is Cabinet, Shelving unit and Dresser,

... and beautiful design!

reol indbyg standard

ATTICCO is freestanding or build-in furniture!

"Whole" solutions for "half" space

tripple SKR standard

ATTICCO comes in more than 100 variants!

There is also one for you!

kommode standard

Patented magic .....

.... that fits your sloping wall!

double XL

Sloping walls...

.. need sloping furniture!

Perfect for home and office!

Direct delivery and DIY assembly ensure your attractive prices

Functionality, design and quality in line with Danish furniture history

Choose and combine the flexible storage function as you like

The patented concept ensure that your furniture fits your rear wall

ATTICCO – the unique storage furniture for rooms with sloping walls.

It gives you more and better space in the attic. ATTICCO can be adapted to the most common knee walls and sloping walls; and if your knee wall is high, ATTICCO can be integrated into it.

ATTICCO comes as cabinet, dresser or shelving unit. And you can choose from 3 widths.

ATTICCO’s unique furniture finish makes it perfect for your living room, office, bedroom as well as children’s rooms. The quality is up to the demands to furniture in daily use.

1 2 3 .. and you have ordered, assembled and taken ATTICCO into use

The ATTICCO ambition is

1 … to offer standard furniture suitable for most sloping walls and providing extra space and good order.

2 … to develop furniture of the quality and finish known from Danish furniture traditions.

3 … to make furniture for sloping walls widely available through attractive pricing obtained by direct sales and customer assembly of the furniture.

... ATTICCO – Furniture for sloping walls