Below are our Collection of Guidelines and other documents in English and German for the Assembly and use of ATTICCO products.



ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION ATTICCO Low; The following variants:

Free standing & Built-in

Shelving unit, Cabinet & Dresser

Solo, Duo, Trio & Quattro



ATTICCO LOW – Francais


ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION ATTICCO High; The following variants:

Free standing & Built-in

Shelving unit, Cabinet & Dresser

Solo, Duo, Trio & Quattro





ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION ATTICCO Mini; The following variants:

Built-in Cabinet

Solo, Duo, Trio & Quattro

ATTICCO Mini English, Deutsch, Francais


Korpus Size:

Drawings with the outer dimensions of ATTICCO Built-in / Corpus dimensions for ATTICCO Freestanding:

MINI variant

LOW variant

HIGH variant


ATTICCO FREESTTANDING; Cutting of Cover Plates:

In the Assembly instructions pages 18 & 19 and page 35, we have described how to cut and finish the Cover plates of the Freestanding furniture. Below are a few more comments about this cut



ATTICCO FREESTANDING; Placement of a Plinth:

For all freestanding furniture, flexible legs in height 70 to 250 mm are included. That is, do NOT order these furniture legs separately. But in case you want a to close off under the furniture or because you want furniture-leg height below 70 mm or higher than 250 mm, a plinth is relevant. The location of the plinth (front part) is shown below.

Placement of Plinth

Note! Do you choose a plinth hight that deviate from the stated furniture-leg-height; Read more about your options for this: HERE!


ATTICCO BUILT-IN; General advises:

As no two attic spaces are exactly alike, it is not possible to make an exact installation guide for ATTICCO. In addition, there may be different desires for how the Built-in furniture should express itself in the room. Instead, we have gathered some more general advices regarding incorporation of ATTICCO:

Guidelines Built-In


ATTICCO INDBYGGET; Uden indfatning:

The illustration below shows the recommended placement of ATTICCO built-in in relation to plinth and knee wall:

Indbygning korpus (skab) uden sideplader.


ATTICCO BUILT-IN; With ATTICCO Deck plates as frame:

A well-tuned frame is absolutely essential for a beautifully integrated piece of furniture. ATTICCO Built-in does NOT come with frame. But it is possible to buy a number of ATTICCO Deck Plates that can be cut to give the Built-in furniture the same expression as the freestanding furniture, where drawers and cabinets are drawn in level with the front of Deck and cover plates. Placement, plate selection and cutting lines are illustrated below:

ATTICCO Built-in Low:

Guidelines Solo Low

Guidelines Duo Low

Guidelines Trio Low


ATTICCO Built-in High:

Guidelines Solo High

Guidelines Duo High

Guidelines Trio High