Before you order your furniture, we would like to give you some advice on how to get the solution that will cover your needs the best. However, you can also take a look at the more than 100 different products that ATTICCO consists of – and which can be combined in even more ways. Get inspiration by looking at our product programme and then you can take the 3 steps towards ordering your furniture:



ATTICCO allows you a free choice of function; Dresser, cabinet or shelving unit. However, you can also vary height and capacity. Read here how to get your own unique ATTICCO solution.

To get a solution fitting your back wall perfectly, you only need to make two measurements; the height of your knee wall and the angle of the slope. We will guide you how to do this!

With the calculation tool “Select” you will find the ATTICCO fitting your back wall. Now you are ready to choose size and functions: Dresser, shelving unit or cabinets.

In doubt, please email or phone us. We are ready to guide and advice you over the phone.