To find your ATTICCO you just need to make 2 measurements made where the furniture will be placed.

Take a look at our small instruction video below. After the video we have listed a few advices.

Your measuring of the knee wall height – A

The knee wall height is the distance between the floor and the start of the sloping wall (marked “Knee wall” on the figure below).

Your measuring of the angle – B

It is the angle in degrees between  a horizontal line (= the dottet line equal to the floor) and the sloping wall, typically between 30 and 60 degrees.

ATTICCO reccomends:

Use a Smartphones with a standard setup with protractor (and compass). Hold your smartphone horizontally (showing 0 degrees) and then move the phone until it follows the sloped wall. Do not tilt the phone – the top and bottom of the phone must be parallel to the end wall. Read the degree.








Find your protractor for smartphone here:

Vinkelmåler Linex 903 Halvmåne Klar

Download free VELUX protractor for smartphone – Iphone (App store) or Android (Google play) – tap icon.



  • You can also print a paper version of an angle meter here. Follow the instructions on paper

We recommend that you make a few measurements of the angle of the sloped wall and take an average of these values. Remember You are always welcome to contact us and we will guide your measurement over the phone.