To find the solution fitting your sloping back wall, you just need to make 2 measurements.

They should off course be made where ATTICCO will be placed. It is easier than it sounds.

We recommend that you take a look at our small instruction video below. After the video we have listed a range of simple advice.

Your measurement – Protactor

Your measuring of the knee wall height – A

The knee wall height is the vertical wall between the floor and the start of the sloping wall (marked on the figure with the text Knee wall).

Your measuring of the angle – B

It is the angle in degrees between the floor and the sloping wall that you need.

Your measurement – Angle Roof

If you do NOT have a protractor at hand, you have the following options:

  • Smartphones have a standard setup with protractor (and compass). When you have found the protractor, tilt your smartphone horizontally (it will show 0 degrees), then turn it slowly until it is parallel with your sloping wall. Read the degree.
  • A protractor can also be found as APP.  Search after VELUX (roof pitch). This VELUX protractor is very good and we recommend it for measuring.
  • We recommend you to measure the angle a couple of times to be sure to get a fairly precise result. If you are interested in the long furniture – Duo or Trio- it will be a good idea to measure at both ends of the furniture before assembly, especially in an older house. By using the exact angle for adaption of each of the two side plates, it will ensure you perfect fitting of the furniture, even if the wall/floor slopes a little.

Do not despair if you are uncertain about measuring the angle. Give us a call and we will guide you over the phone to get a reliable measurement in two minutes.