ATTIC means the space under the roof. CO stands for corporation.

ATTIC + CORPORATION = ATTICCO with the goal of making solutions for the liveable room in the attic. You have the attic – we have the furnitures: Together we can provide the liveable attic with sloping wall Furnitures.

THE ATTICCO MISSION: Let us make the attics with sloping walls the best rooms!

At ATTICCO we just love rooms with sloping walls!

The children’s room with the sloping walls has for many of us been the setting for our early years. It holds memories of a time when the world was simpler and worries less complicated – in retrospect.

And later on, we as parents took over the room with the sloping walls and turned it into their bedroom.  Still it was the setting for closeness and security – a place to recover.

Luckily, rooms with sloping walls have not been outdated.

Looking around, we see a lot of them. And a lot of good houses are still being built with knee walls and sloping walls – because the sloping walls create special rooms with an atmosphere for cosy togetherness.


The ATTICCO idea was born after numerous DIY attempts. The goal was to turn a small attic room into a children’s room with space for whatever belongs in such a room. However, DIY is not the answer when the talent only goes to assembling something and the level of ambitions is to reach the same quality and finish as the great architects who have become Danish design icons.

We find rooms with sloping walls cosy – but it is not easy to furnish them with ordinary furniture if you also need storage space for clothes, toys, school stuff, books, etc. And because the angle of the sloping walls can vary from house to house or even from room to room, no standard furniture is available.

So what do you do – when you have the sloping walls, but cannot find the appropriate furniture? Well, you invent it!

The prerequisite for the function of furniture for sloping walls is substantial flexibility when it comes to the height and depth of the furniture. Because this is the condition to make the furniture fit all the different sloping walls.

Also, it must be prepared so that you can assemble it – and make it fit – without an extensive DIY course.

That was the kind of furniture, we wanted to invent. It was our ambition when we started developing the furniture concept ATTICCO. The unique designer furniture just simply ‘fitting’ the sloping wall and with a quality to be expected from Danish designed and manufactured furniture.

We think that we have succeeded. Above all expectations.

We sought a patent for ATTICCO in 2014 and it was finally approved in January 2016, and is pending for all of Europe!!


The idea and concept have been developed in close cooperation with designer Claes Lindgren and engineer Niels Adelholm Larsen. Without their insight and competences within design and technique, the journey towards ATTICCO would have been quite another story.

Claes Lindgren has with much creativity and resourcefulness been able to let aesthetics and functionality melt together in the creation of ATTICCO. Niels Adelholm Larsen has great technical insight and the ability to turn oblique angles and long formulas into furniture that function and will keep year after year. Claes Lindgren and Niels Adelholm Larsen have both been important contributors to the development of the furniture now realised for your sloping wall: ATTICCO.


It is the ATTICCO mission to make rooms with sloping walls just as functional and attractive as rooms with vertical walls. With ATTICCO we will create rooms for life. We will turn the attic rooms with sloping walls into the best rooms – the living attic.


At ATTICCO we are dreaming about spreading our furniture concept from Denmark to the rest of the world.

I am in charge of those dreams.  My name is Jens Høgh Simonsen and I have worked as Innovation Manager at VELUX A/S for many years – and I worked with attic solutions.

Travelling Denmark and Europe, I have experienced the challenge of making rooms with sloping walls both functional and interesting. Ordinary and usual furniture just don’t fit sloping walls and low knee walls. And when they are used anyway, it often ends up with badly furnished rooms and lack of storage space.

On the other hand, rooms with sloping walls are easily made cosy as the sloping walls create a closeness that ordinary rooms cannot. With ATTICCO we make the cosy rooms with sloping walls liveable. That is actually part of the ATTICCO mission.

My mother-in-law, Sonja, has a motto saying: ”A place for everything – everything in place”. With ATTICCO you get a furniture concept giving you “A place for everything”. Now it is up to you if you also want “Everything in place”.

Enjoy your ATTICCO.