Craftsmanship and quality

We consequently go for good craftsmanship and quality. This applies to the choice of materials, how we manufacture, and the service we offer to our customers. Therefore, we are comfortable promising that if our ATTICCO furniture does not meet your expectations, you may return them. Read more about this in our trade conditions.

We prioritize using local suppliers and manufacturers. This ensures that we are in control of all details around manufacture and delivery, and it makes the continuous adaptation and development more simple and flexible. But it is decisive for our choice of suppliers that they meet our quality requirements – and we are not compromising on that.

We care for the details because also small things contribute to the big difference and solutions that are not only nice, but super great and well integrated.

We have our own designers and constructors to develop our solutions that are sold only under the name ATTICCO.

Materials and surfaces

atticco advantages

ATTICCO uses only MDF- and HDF plates and NO chipboard and laminates. MDF plates (from the German Mittel-Dichte Faserplatte) are compressed and machine-made plates made from a combination of fine wood fibres, wax and glue. The plates are manufactured under high pressure and heat. MDF plates are strong and contrary to solid wood they do not twist and turn over time. In relation to chipboard, MDF plates have a solid core and a surface lending strength and durability to the plates in the long term.

Surface and colour help to give your furniture life so the quality must be top – also when the furniture is taken into use. Our doors and fronts are painted 6 times with UV paint/lacquer that is durable and ensures that the furniture’s surfaces will stay nice for a long time. The backs, interiors, etc. are also lacquered and it completes the furniture’s expression when the surfaces are just as beautiful when doors and drawers are opened.