ATTICCO is selling directly to all customer groups: Private customers, housing associations, intermediaries and professional craftsmen.

Atticco til professionelle 

ATTICCO – something for something

We call our trade conditions “ATTICCO – something for something”. By this we mean that we treat all customers alike. If you – being an intermediary, private customer, housing association or professional craftsman – buy large amounts of ATTICCO solutions during a given period, you will get the opportunity to achieve a volume discount reflecting the savings we have had at ATTICCO by serving you as a customer.

The calculation of the discount is based on your purchases (excl. VAT) in the current calendar year (100%) + purchases in the previous calendar year (50%). We call the amount Discount Turnover:



If you purchased ATTICCO solutions (excl. VAT) for DKK 40,000 in 2018 and DKK 50,000 in 2019, your discount turnover in the calendar year 2019 would be DKK 40,000 x 0.5 + DKK 50,000 = DKK 70,000.

The discount turnover is purchases excl. VAT and excl. freight costs.
The discount turnover cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Min. Discount TurnoverBasisDiscount Rate %
25.0000 - 50.0008
50.00050.001 - 100.00010
100.000100.001 -15


If your discount turnover is DKK 70,000 you will be entitled to a discount of DKK 50,000 x 0.08 + DKK 20,000 x 0.10 = DKK 6,000

The discount will be calculated and paid in January the following calendar year.

By the above volume discount structure we reward customers, who loyally and over several periods buy ATTICCO solutions, so they on the same revenue can get a discount both in the current and subsequent calendar year. It also makes is easier for loyal customers to exceed the minimum amount despite fluctuations in their turnover of ATTICCO solutions.



If your discount turnover is fixed at DKK 30,000 a year, you will get a total discount of DKK 6,000 over a two-year period, corresponding to a discount rate of 12%.


Customer Specifications

The definition of a private customer is based upon his residence and recipient address for the furniture solutions.

Housing associations, intermediaries and/or professional craftsmen are defined and registered from their VAT number.

If you want to register as customer for registration of your discount turnover for getting a discount, please contact


Updated July 2018