Freestanding Furniture!

If the geometry of your room allows it, you may choose between several alternative furniture expressions. The choices are stated in the number of choises is stated by the number of columns with numbers.

The calculation tool for Built-in Furniture uses as standard a leg height of 10 cm. If you want a lower leg height, as low as 7 cm, it is not a problem. But, if you want higher legs – up till 20 cm, you must (re-)use the calculation tool.

You can find the calculation tool here: press

Based on the geometry of your sloping wall, the calculation model will state the cutting lines you must use to adapt the angle and depth of the 2 side plates.

In this case you can choose among 4 different expressions where the hight varies from 80.1 cm to 90.8 cm and the depth from 66.9 cm and 74.4 cm.

NOTE: Furniture plates should be treated with extra care.