A freestanding furniture has many expressions via the variable furniture legs and flexible cover plates. When the furniture legs are adjusted in height, the depth of the furniture changes. The flexibility is illustrated below:

  • Low furniture legs mean that the depth of the furniture is reduced and the furniture is pushed under the sloping wall = you get a less visible furniture.
  • High furniture legs mean that the furniture extends further below the sloping wall = you have easier access to the furniture shelves and drawers.

ATTICCO – full flexibility!

See how Freestanding Furniture can be combined with completely different furniture designs with varying depth and height. Click “Watch the movie”.

Based on the geometry of your inclined wall, the calculation algorithm determines what options you have for getting a perfectly adapted piece of furniture for your sloping wall. The choice of alternative furniture expressions is reflected in the number of columns. Each column describes a furniture option (expression).

Furniture legs

ATTICCO furniture legs are flexible in height from 70 to 250 mm (7- 25 cm), with each furniture leg consisting of a number of spacers giving the furniture leg height.

Enter the desired height (from the selected column) for your furniture legs in mm and the composition of your furniture legs is calculated.

Calculate the composition of the furniture legs

What you need:

The height must be between 70 to 250 mm.

Cover plates

The cover plates for you free standing furniture (low/high variant) are illustrated below:

NOTE: Furniture plates should be treated with extra care.