Choice of furniture

How do I find the furniture that fits my back wall?

You must use the measurements of the knee wall height (in cm) and the sloping angle (in degrees) where the furniture is to be placed (or built-in). You enter the 2 numbers (preferably with decimals) in ATTICCO’s calculation model:  which then calculates and presents which variants and sizes of furniture fit your back wall. There may well be several alternative furniture sizes to suit. If there is no furniture that fits 100%, it will appear from the calculation model.

How do I measure the knee wall height and sloping angle on my back wall?

The knee wall height, measured in cm, is the vertical wall from the floor to where the sloping wall begins. The angle of your sloping wall, measured in degrees, is angle between the horizontally line (your floor) and the sloping wall. A typical sloping wall is between 30 and 60 degrees. Read in more detail about your measurement and watch a video (in danish with text) with an example of a measurement. At the website there is a link to an app for your smartphone where you can download a protractor for free.

Can I choose the furniture variant myself; Low or high, free-standing or built-in?

A perfectly adapted furniture fits both the knee wall and the sloping wall. To ensure that there is a perfect fit between furniture and back wall, it is not possible to optionally choose ATTICCO variant. If, for example, you have a high knee wall, you must either have a high free-standing furniture or a (low) built-in furniture. Conversely, if you have a sloping wall without a vertical knee wall – where the sloping wall goes all the way down to the floor – then the high free-standing furniture will not fit at all – while the low free-standing furniture fits perfectly here. Therefore, you have to use the calculation model to make sure that you get an ATTICCO that fits perfectly.

What if the calculation model does not offer a solution or not the solution I want?

You contact ATTICCO via the chat on the website, via tel. (+45 23297947) or you send an email to and state your measurements for knee wall height, sloping angle and the width of the room. Then ATTICCO will in dialogue look at which special solutions can be interesting for you. ATTICCO offer an assortment of special plates for this purpose and ATTICCO can draw your solution.

What does it mean that a furniture can have very different "expressions"?

The free-standing furniture can be assembled and adapted flexibly in height and depth and thereby express itself in different ways in the room. The furniture legs are flexible in height between 7 and 25 cm and the same applies to the furniture cover plates that are flexible in depth between 60 and 100 cm. With varying heights on the furniture’s legs, you can push the furniture in below the sloping wall (low legs / reduced depth) or pull the furniture out into the room (high legs / increased depth). The decision should be made when assembling the furniture.

Where do I see if my free-standing furniture can get a different "expression"?

Your options for adjusting the free-standing furniture appear when you enter your knee wall height and angle on the sloping wall. In the table next to the furniture picture, you see varying height of furniture legs and furniture depth.

Why should I not enter my furniture size back wall geometry when ordering?

When you order a low resp. high free-standing furniture, you receive a furniture with the same corpus in resp. low and high version. It is the flexible furniture legs (height) and cover plates (depth) that ensure that the delivered furniture is flexible and fits your and a million other sloping wall combinations. Because the flexibility is laid in furniture legs and cover plates that you customize, we can deliver from day to day and you must first decide your furniture expression when you assemble the furniture.

  • Low free-standing furniture with pointed rear edge (low corpus),
  • Low free-standing furniture with straight rear edge (low corpus)
  • High free-standing furniture with straight rear edge (high corpus)
  • Mini Built-in furniture
  • Low built-in furniture (low corpus)
  • Highly built-in furniture (high corpus)

See corpus measurements at link:

Why do the shelving and drawers not always have the same depth as the furniture?

ATTICCO ALWAYS uses a standard corpus that is 60 cm in depth (equivalent to a kitchen cabinet) and in height: 70.5 cm in LOW- and 105 cm in HIGH- variant. This means that regardless of whether you assemble a furniture that has cover plate of 62 cm or 98 cm in depth, the same corpus is used and thus the same (functional) space for shelving unit, cabinet and / or dresser. The shelving unit have a depth of up to 60 cm and the drawers a depth of up to 55 cm.

Is it not a waste of space under the sloping wall that the drawer is 55 cm and not 85 cm for example? Yes and no. Yes because you do not use the space and then it is by definition a waste. And no, because a drawer up to 95 cm x 75 cm will work very poorly. The drawer will be very heavy and the bottom will very easily go out of the drawer. In addition, the price of the furniture with individual dimensions will be significantly higher than the price today, as each piece of furniture must be adapted to each individual customer.

How do I achieve the same "expression" on a built-in furniture as a free-standing furniture?

ATTICCO offers the sale of extra panels, giving you the same look on the built-in and free-standing furniture. Contact ATTICCO and get a specific offer and specific drawings on the extra plates you need.

Guidelines & Instructions

Can I order my furniture in a different color or surface?

ATTICCO uses a subcontractor who is fully flexible in terms of delivery in optional colors and veneers. The quality is top notch but in terms of handheld single production when we talk special surfaces there is extra price and delivery time.

Is it optional if I want a Shelving unit, Cabinet or Dresser and where do I choose it?

The ATTICCO furniture is designed so you can freely choose between Shelving units, Cabinet and Dresser. Once you have chosen the variant (Low/Heigh) and width, you must choose which functions it should have: Shelving unit, Cabinet and/or Dresser. The order of the furniture functions you choose is 100% optional and the decision must first be made when assembling the furniture. And if you regret the location, you can always move around the functions.

What widths can I choose ATTICCO furniture in?

A free-standing furniture is available in 4 widths consisting of 1 to 4 corpus. It can be ordered as Solo (83 cm), Duo (163 cm), Trio (243 cm) or Quattro (323 cm). These 4 widths all come with an unbroken full-width Deck plate. Built-in furniture can be built together indefinitely and with a width per unit of 80 cm.

Why can I only buy the hanger system for the high furniture variant?

To use a hanger bar, it requires a certain ground clearance. The clearance is not sufficient in the low furniture variant. Conversely in the high furniture variant, where there is more than 90 cm from the top of the hanger bar to the bottom of the cabinet, which will be sufficient for most jackets, shirts etc.

Can I avoid buying the shelf plates with?

ATTICCO is available as shelving unit, cabinet and dresser. For the shelving unit and cabinet you can also buy a hanger system as add on. Shelving unit and cabinet is NOT sold without the shelf plates. If you choose to mount the hanger system, you will in many situations be able to use one set of shelves, as there are extra holes made for this shelf set at the bottom of the cabinet.


Is the furniture delivered as flat pack or assembled?

ATTICCO furniture is always delivered unassembled and in flat boxes. This means that the furniture must be assembled on site. Conversely, it has enabled significantly lower prices and a significantly easier transport and application to the roof. All free-standing and built-in furniture solutions are delivered on pallets, which supports damage-free delivery from ATTICCO to the customer.

How big are the furniture packages and their weight?

The maximum package weight is 30 kg. The longest package is 330 cm x 40 cm x 5 cm and the largest package is 105 cm x 110 cm x 5 cm. A free-standing furniture Low Duo as Dresser + Cabinet consists of 11 packages and weighs approx. 100 kg. A free-standing furniture High Quattro as 4 x Dressers consists of 22 packages and weighs just under 300 kg.

Why do freight rates vary?

The freight rate reflects the pattern in the shipping costs that are on the different furniture variants. The actual shipping cost is even higher than what is invoiced to the customers (freight rate). ATTICCO has chosen to cover part of the shipping costs. If you buy several furnitures at once, you get an extra quantity discount, as the freight can be locked at a maximum rate.

How long is the delivery time?

ATTICCO strives to be a stock leader in the complete product range. This means that ATTICCO typically ship the day after order receipt and foreign customers should expect 3-5 days delivery. Customs control can add 1-2 days

ATTICCO NEVER ship the order without the delivery date being agreed with the customer.

Why can I not get a specific delivery time? And why not on the weekend?

Every carrier must organize their routes according to the shipments they receive. As shipments vary from day to day, it is impossible for them to provide a fixed delivery time.

Very few distributors deliver on pallets to private customers and none of these have delivery on weekends and holidays.

Can I pick up the furniture myself? and where?

ATTICCO has a warehouse in Central Jutland (DENMARK) and by appointment you can pick up your ordered goods here. It is open for collection between 07 and 15 Monday to Thursday. Collection only by written agreement.

Pick-up takes place from the address Højgårdsvej 25, Thorning, 8620 Kjellerup. The goods are handed out from Port 4. When ordering, a card with route directions to port 4 is included.

Can I return the furniture?

Yes, as stated in the terms and conditions, you can return purchased ATTICCO furniture. Please read the terms and conditions for how to behave exactly.

ATTICCO will set off direct costs for checking packages that have been opened (max. DKK 100 per package) and an extra rate for furniture packages that have also been assembled (Max DKK 300 per package). The payment covers losses on resale at a reduced price.


Is the furniture difficult to assemble?

Everything is relative. But we do not think it is difficult – and it is also the feedback we receive  from the many customers that ATTICCO has served so far. But a large furniture as Quattro High takes time to assemble. A customer has described it as building with LEGO. If you follow the assembly instructions step by step, the task is probably big but NOT difficult.

Can I get help assembling the furniture?

ATTICCO does NOT offer collection of furniture. It is our experience that a good Handyman from the local area is a good alternative to assembling the furniture yourself. As a customer, you are always welcome to contact ATTICCO for good advice if you encounter a problem during the assembly. Write to or give us a call (+45 23297947).

How do I adjust the furniture if the floor is skewed?

As the furniture legs are fully flexible from 70 to 250 mm, there are all options for adjusting the furniture legs.

What to do if the back wall differs significantly from side to side of the furniture?

If it is the knee wall height that differs, the adaptation of the cover plates must be based on the figures calculated from the lowest knee wall. If the floor is skewed, you can adjust the furniture legs. Is it in the sloped part of the back wall the skew occurs it is a little more tricky. In general, ATTICCO recommends that both cover plates are adapted to the same size and use the 2 enclosed mounting strips (15 mm and 45 mm) to cover any air at the back of the cover plates. If the skew is more than 25 mm, different adaption of the 2 cover plates can be considered – please contact ATTICCO for specific guidance. For minor deviations, ATTICCO recommends that you use the mounting strip and/or accept if a few mm of air occurs between furniture and wall. On traditional free-standing furniture’s, it is not unusual to have up to 100 mm of air ☺.

How is the same height ensured on 2 free-standing furniture placed opposite each other?

If the knee wall height and inclination angle vary on 2 opposite inclined walls, you will NOT automatically be recommended the same measure for leg height and depth of cover plates on the 2 furniture’s. There can be up to +/- 2,5 cm in difference at the leg height. If aligned furniture height is absolutely crucial, you can choose to adjust (increase) the leg height of the lowest furniture. The consequence is that the furniture is pushed out from the back wall and a smaller air space is created between the cover plates and the knee wall. This airspace can either be accepted or covered by the supplied Mounting strip.

Can I move the furniture after assembly?

Yes, you can – but it is important that the furniture is not moved as a single unit, but divided into corpus units. Ie. a trio is moved by removing the deck plate (not necessarily the cover plates) and then the total of 8 assembly screws which hold the 3 bodies together. A Trio is then moved as three furniture” parts”.

When the Trio has to be reassembled – perhaps in a new place – it is important to make sure that the furniture is soldered / padded and that it is tightened well before the deck plate is reassembled.


How do I maintain and care for my furniture?

ATTICCO has fully lacquered plates. We recommend wiping the surfaces with a dry or slightly damp cloth. You can possibly use water with an ordinary solution of detergent.

Is it possible to repaint the furniture?

ATTICCO furniture is 100% mdf – no plastic or chipboard. The choice of mdf allows you to choose at any time to have, for example, fronts, cover plates and deck plates varnished in a new color.