What is the concept?

ATTICCO is a furniture concept to be placed against the sloping wall or behind knee wall either as Freestanding Furniture or as Built-in Furniture. Irrespective of variant and size, ATTICCO is always available as dresser, cabinet or shelving unit.

atticco advantages

Shelving Unit

Low Shelving Unit

High Shelving Unit

ATTICCO is available in 2 sizes as freestanding furniture:

Low (72 cm excl. legs) and high (106.5 cm excl. legs). The 2 ATTICCO sizes enable adjustment to the back wall and to choose the capacity of the furniture to fit your demands. Space capacity in ATTICCO Low is 0.26 m3 and 0.42 m3 in ATTICCO High (+ 60%). The ATTICCO High Quattro thus has 1.68 m3 of storage space. The high variant of ATTICCO is the obvious choice when the knee wall is high, while the low variant of ATTICCO will be the solution for a low knee wall or no knee wall at all – in which case the furniture has a pointed rear edge. The high ATTICCO variant as shelving unit or cabinet has an extra shelf, and as dresser it has two extra drawers compared to the low variant.

ATTICCO is available in 2 variants:

As freestanding furniture or built into the existing knee wall in the room. If your knee wall is high with a lot of wasted space behind it, you should choose ATTICCO as Built-in Furniture. The Built-in ATTICCO variant will easily provide you with a lot of extra space – without making your room smaller.


Built-In Shelving Unit


Built-In Dresser

Freestanding Solo


Freestanding Duo


Freestanding Trio

Solo, Duo, Trio or Quattro and now also as PLus variant (+40 cm)

And if you need a lot of storage space – ATTICCO can be interconnected at length. ATTICCO Solo (1 element) can be interconnected and become a Solo PLus (1½ element) or a Duo (2 elements) or Duo Plus (2½ element) or a Trio (3 elements) or a a Trio Plus (3½ elements) or Quattro (4 elements). ATTICCO as Freestanding Furniture comes with one unbroken top plate irrespective of being the Solo, Duo, Trio or Quattro variant and in Plus variants of course – this gives you a unique and beautiful piece of furniture.


Freestanding Furniture with side plate adapted to vertical knee wall

Furniture with pointed side plates

If your knee wall is very low, from 0-25 cm, you can adapt  your ATTICCO with a pointed side plate – contrary to furniture for a knee wall  higher than 25 cm, where the rear of the side plate must be vertical like the knee wall. The pointed side plate means that the furniture will meet the back wall above the knee wall, if any. The solution with pointed side plates will fit sloping walls between 45 and 55 degrees, both inclusive.

You order the same furniture (Freestanding Furniture Low) whether you need your version to be adapted by vertical or pointed side plates.


Freestanding Furniture with side plate with pointed edge adapted to sloping wall

NEW “Mini” Built-in furniture

ATTICCO have launced a new small built-in furniture for easy installation. The ATTICCO “Mini” is 60.0 cm in height and 70.0 cm in width and 50 cm in depth.
The furniture comes with 2 shelves, that can be placed in 2 heights and with 2 cabinet doors. A beautiful solution that does not require closing lists.


Mini åben


The hanger system fits perfectly with your high ATTICCO Cabinet

You can always buy ATTICCO hanger system adapted ATTICCO High when you buy the furniture or afterwards.

The shrouded steel bar is 37.5 cm wide and there is a clearance height from the top of the bar to the bottom of the cabinet of 94.6 cm, giving ample height for ordinary shirts and jackets. The optimum brace width is 40-45 cm.

A hanger system consists of a hanger rod with brackets and screws. If you wish to have a hanging bar in both rooms, you must purchase two sets.

ATTICCO hanger system

Which ATTICCO to choose?

To find the right furniture for your needs and back wall, you must go through 3 steps:

  • 1st step. Find the variant (Freestanding or Built-in Furniture) and the size (Mini, Low or High) that fits your back wall. Use the calculation model and your measurements of the height of your knee wall (A) and the angle of the sloping wall (B) where you want to place the furniture.
  • 2nd step. Choose how many elements you want to interconnect: Solo, Duo, Trio or Quattro variant as normal or as Plus (extra 40 cm).
  • 3rd step. Choose the function you prefer: Dresser, cabinet and/or shelving unit.

Below you can read more about your opportunities with this concept:

ATTICCO storage:

No matter which ATTICCO variant you choose, it can be fitted as dresser, cabinet or shelving unit. ATTICCO High will provide you with one more shelf (in the shelving unit or cabinet) or two extra drawers (in the dresser) than ATTICCO Low.



ATTICCO Low Dresser has 3 drawers each 23 cm high.  ATTICCO High Dresser has 2 extra drawers each 17 cm high.

The measures of the 3 drawers in Low are 71×34 cm, 71×50 cm and 71×54 cm. The measures of the 5 drawers in High are 71×30 cm, 71×42 cm and 3 pieces of 71×54 cm.  The front pieces are bevelled up and out against the cover plate and will be delivered in the same colour as the cover plate system

ATTICCO Shelving Unit

ATTICCO Low Shelving Unit has 4 shelf spaces all of the same height and width, i.e. 33×37.8 cm. The depth of the two top shelf spaces is 53.5 cm (max) and of the 2 bottom shelf spaces 58.5 cm. ATTICCO High has 2 extra shelf spaces corresponding to the 2 lower shelf spaces of Low. In the high furniture variant, the lower shelves can be placed in a low position 10 cm above the base plate.

The shelves of both ATTICCO Low and High are the same colour as corpus and with bevelled fronts.



The ATTICCO Cabinet has 2 doors

The shelving system of the ATTICCO Cabinet is identical to the ATTICCO Shelving Unit. I.e. 4 shelf spaces in Low and 6 shelf spaces in High.

The dimensions of the doors are 39.6 x 69.9 cm for Low and 39.6 x 104.4 cm for High. Shelves and doors have bevelled edges both to the top and to the cover plate. The shelves are of the same colour as corpus, but the doors are of the same colour as the cover plates.

ATTICCO – Solutions for sloping walls

ATTICCO is available in 2 sizes Low (= 72 cm excl. legs) & High 106.5 cm excl. legs) and in 2 variants (Freestanding Furniture & Built-in Furniture). The 4 alternatives ensure that ATTICCO will fit almost any sloping wall.

The built-in flexibility of ATTICCO gives you, in most cases, the choice of 2 different variants that will fit your sloping wall and enable you to choose the one, fitting your taste as well as your back wall.

If your sloping wall has a very low knee wall – from 0 to 25 cm, the Freestanding Furniture Low with a pointed back edge will be perfect as it needs no knee wall at all – see illustration above. You should in this case order the Freestanding Furniture.

ATTICCO Freestanding Furniture Low - for low or medium knee walls

ATTICCO Freestanding Furniture High - for high knee walls


ATTICCO Built-In Furniture Low - for medium knee walls

ATTICCO Built-In Furniture High - for high knee walls

ATTICCO Built-in Furniture Mini - for low knee walls

Solo, Duo, Trio or Quattro

ATTICCO is prepared for interconnection: Choose Solo, Duo, Trio or Quattro. The longer the furniture you choose, the lower the relative cost as the furniture will only need one cover plate system irrespective of the length. And no matter whether you choose Solo, Duo, Trio or Quattro, ATTICCO comes with one unbroken top plate which gives the furniture a beautiful and complete expression.


Consists of 1 corpus and 1 functional unit + 1 cover plate system (as Freestanding Furniture). Total length 83 cm as Freestanding Furniture and 80 cm as Built-in Furniture.


Consists of 2 corpus units and 2 functional units + 1 cover plate system (as Freestanding Furniture). Total length 163 cm as Freestanding Furniture and 160 cm as Built-in Furniture.


Consists of 3 corpus units and 3 functional units + 1 cover plate system (as Freestanding Furniture). Total lenght 243 cm as Freestanding Furniture and 240 cm as Built-in Furniture.


Consists of 4 corpus units and 4 functional units + 1 cover plate system (as Freestanding Furniture). Total lenght 323 cm as Freestanding Furniture and 320 cm as Built-in Furniture.