ATTICCO is always delivered in a number of boxes, and the number depends on function and variant. Corpus, Cover plate and functional elements (for shelving unit, cabinet and dresser) will ALWAYS be delivered in separate boxes. Always START with the corpus box as this is where you will find the assembly instruction for all furniture variants no matter what you have purchased – and corpus is the first unit to be assembled.

assembly instruction

Before you start the assembly of your ATTICCO, you should know your options to get a unique piece of furniture. Maybe you already have decided your unique furniture expression that fits both your back wall and your wishes. If not, we will give you a little inspiration for you choice.

Corpus ajustment: Press

Ajustment af cabinet doors: Press

The height of ATTICCO furniture legs is flexible in a span from 70 to 250 mm. (7 to 25 cm.) To get this flexibility, a furniture leg consist of a number of spacers which can be combined for the requested height of the furniture leg. Enter the required leg height in mm into the first of the blue boxes below. Then press the calculation key to the right.

Calculate the composition of the furniture legs

What you need:

The height must be between 70 to 250 mm.