Built-in furniture Mini Duo

DKK3,000 Inkl. moms

Built-in Cabinet: Width 140


ATTICCO Built-in Furniture Mini for integration behind an existing or new knee wall. Mini is the solution is for rooms with low to medium height knee walls. The geometry of the furniture allows for easy and beautiful wall mounting and requires no final covering.

The furniture consists of 2 corpus:

The ATTICCO Mini is 60.0 cm in height and 140 cm (2×70.0 cm) in width. The depth at the base plate is 50.0 cm and at the top plate 14.0 cm (outer dimensions).

Each corpus comes with 2 cabinet doors (56.4 x 32.1 cm) which are placed in the two vertical spaces so the front of the door follows the leading edge of the furniture’s sides and middle plate. The doors are opened via push-out brackets, which is why grips are not needed.

The two shelf plates can be placed in 2 positions. Center placement divides the cabinet space into 2 x 27.75 cm. High placement gives 32.5 cm height in the lower part (allows for A4 binders) and 23 cm height at the top.

The furniture should be placed on your local produced plinth.

ATTICCO products are manufactured using the best MDF and HDF qualities in the dimensions 15 mm for MDF and 3 mm for HDF. All surfaces are lacquered.

Only the best fittings and anchors are used, which ensures easy assembly and subsequent easy operation and long service life. ATTICCO is manufactured by an FSC® certified furniture manufacturer.

Note: Be careful with the measurement, to ensure the right furniture for your back wall!

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 11 cm


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