ATTICCO has been developed by a group of designers and engineers with years of experience in furniture design and furniture construction. In connection with the start up of mass production the concept has been fine-tuned in collaboration with cabinetmakers and experts from the furniture industry for ensuring a stable and durable furniture. ATTICCO as freestanding furniture has a  construction of 2 x 15 mm MDF. Corpus is assembled using isofixsystem which ensure a firm construction.

atticco advantages
Udklip tværsnit fritstående lav med synlig sideplade

Freestanding Furniture: Dresser


ATTICCO Freestanding Furniture consists of one corpus unit covered by flexible top and side plates. All made of 15 mm MDF and lacquered 3 times. The construction ensures flexibility, great stability and strength.


ATTICCO has fittings and hinges with integrated “Push-technique”. Consequently, grips and handles are not needed for ATTICCO cabinets and dressers. ATTICCO “is opened” by a light push.

 ATTICCO appears harmonious and inviting against the sloping wall, but it is also a distinct piece of furniture due to its tight design and slim materials with only 1 mm bevelling.

ATTICCO Push Teknik

Freestanding Furniture: Cabinet


Freestanding Furniture: Duo – Cabinet + Dresser

Solo, Duo or Trio

ATTICCO can be assembled lengthwise and is delivered as “Solo”, “Duo” or “Trio”. In all cases you will get a furniture solution with an entire and unbroken top plate that will emphasise the furniture’s expression of completeness.

You may also choose ATTICCO for installation and integration into the sloping wall. This solution is delivered without the cover plate system and, consequently, it comes at an even more attractive price.


ATTICCO as dresser comes with 3 or 5 smoothly gliding drawers, depending on whether it is the low or high variant. The drawers are smallest at the top and deepest at the bottom, where a depth of 55 cm provides amble space for storage.


Freestanding Furniture: Duo – Cabinet + Dresser

ATTICCO Fleksible Møbelplader

Perfect fitting

ATTICCO enables perfect fitting to your sloping wall by the patented furniture plates which are fully flexible. Add to this that they are prepared for easy and safe adaptation – also for the non-skilled “DIY” customer.

Side plates

Adapt the ATTICCO furniture side plates to the sloping wall and knee wall in question. After adaptation there may still be a small distance between the back of the furniture and the sloping wall as the prepared cutting lines on the side pieces jump by 2½ degrees.

Side piece at sloping wall

Adaptation to your back wall

After shortening the fitting strip, fit it to the side piece and the adaptation to your back wall from top to bottom will be perfect – quite simple.

Side piece and shortened fitting strip

Mounted fitting strip

This small gap of max. 2½ degrees between the rear end of the side pieces and the wall is eliminated by the supplied fitting strips, which are of the same colour as the side pieces. The fitting strip can be shortened by an ordinary knife or scissors.

Side piece with mounted fitting strip

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment

ATTICCO is manufactured by an FSC®-certified manufacturer. ATTICCO wants to make quality furniture from raw materials of known origin, with full accountability and least possible environmental impact throughout the value chain from procurement, through processing to distribution.

ATTICCO is furniture for the living attic, and based on this we do, of course, want to minimize ATTICCO’s total foot-print in respect of our common environment.


The ATTICCO standard colour is white – RAL 9010. The same colour often used for vertical windows. All exterior and interior surfaces have this semi-gloss surface and neutral colour. ATTICCO uses fittings and hinges with integrated push-technique, i.e. that all cupboards and drawers are opened with a slight push. Therefore, ATTICCO has no grips or handles. .

The Magic of ATTICCO

The movie shows how ATTICCO as FREESTANDING furniture consists of a corpus unit wrapped by a cover plate system. The cover plates are deeper than the corpus and reach towards the back wall. The height of the furniture legs are flexible. These 2 features are the primary adjustment system.