Ordinary storage furniture is made for rooms with vertical walls and is not suitable for rooms with sloping walls. Traditional furniture will not utilize the space under the sloping wall, but leave a useless space behind the furniture.

However, the greater irritation for most is probably that furniture with a vertical back will be pushed away from the back wall and out into the walking area. The lower the roof slope – the more the furniture will be pushed out into the space where we move around.

Therefore, rooms with a low knee wall and sloping walls require sloping furniture.

Traditional furniture vs ATTICCO

The freestanding ATTICCO

The freestanding ATTICCO furniture utilizes the space under the sloping wall and makes room for play and activities. ATTICCO fits to random sloping walls, also when the height of the knee wall and the angle of the ceiling are varied. While ATTICCO will just fit in, traditional furniture is pushed out into the room and leaves wasted space behind the furniture.

medium-low knee wall

Built-in ATTICCO

A built-in ATTICCO furniture fits the tall slopping wall. ATTICCO creates a new space where there is no space. The room with slopping walls becomes active space like a dresser, cabinet or shelving unit.

medium-high knee wall

If you sign up with ATTICCO you will receive:

  • Functional storage space that fits 100% to your sloping wall.
  • Choice between Dresser, Cabinet or Shelving Unit which can be combined horizontally.
  • Release the active floor area for play and activities.
  • Shuts off for dust and dust bunnies.
  • Timeless design – aesthetics, quality & finish.
  • A piece of furniture that you easily get placed and collected via Collect-yourself.
  • Delivery from day to day.
  • Danish design, patent & production.
  • Attractive prices that match your options.

The technology

Unfortunately, we are not wizards so we had to invent a new technique for ATTICCO.

That we have succeeded in making a “standard” furniture that will fit random sloping walls is due to a number of inventions now patented all over Europe. ATTICCO is available in four variants: Low/High Freestanding and Low/High Built-in. With four variants we can offer ATTICCO with various space capacity and outlook.

See the many technical measures of the concept in the below illustration of “Freestanding Furniture Low Trio”.

Let the “mouse” roam the highlighted fields and read more about the ATTICCO techniques.

atticco advantages

The fitting strips will ensure perfect fitting to the back wall. The technique in question is patent registered.

The corpus is wrapped by a cover plate system consisting of 2 side panels and 1 top. The cover plate system reaches behind the furniture to the back wall. The technique in question has been patent registered.

ATTICCO is available in 4 variants ensuring that no matter the height of your knee wall, you will always be able to get an ATTICCO solution that utilizes the space below your sloping back wall. The technique in question is patent registered.

A standard corpus unit enables you to change the function of the furniture (Shelving unit, Cabinet and /or Dresser) also after it has been installed.

Flexible legs of 7 to 25 cm height enable perfect fitting of the furniture to the back wall. The technique in question is patent registered.

ATTICCO is available with an unbroken top piece irrespective of the furniture being a Solo, Duo or Trio variant. The unbroken top piece gives the furniture a beautiful and complete look.

The cutting lines on the side plate system are prepared for easy cutting by use of an ordinary hobby knife. Flexible side plates ensure flexibility. The technique in question is patent registered.

ATTICCO – the magic behind it!

See how Freestanding Furniture works. Click “Watch the movie”.

ATTICCO – full flexibility!

See how Freestanding Furniture can be combined with completely different furniture designs with varying depth and height. Click “Watch the movie”.