Ordinary storage furniture is made for rooms with vertical walls and is not suitable for rooms with sloping walls.

  • Traditional furniture will not utilize the space under the sloping wall, but leave a useless space behind the furniture.
  • However, the greater irritation for most is probably that furniture with a vertical back will be pushed away from the back wall and out into the walking area. The lower the roof slope – the more the furniture will be pushed out into the space where we move around.





Therefore, rooms with a low knee wall and sloping walls require sloping furniture. The freestanding ATTICCO furniture utilizes the space under the sloping wall and makes room for play and activities.

Below is shown how ATTICCO fits to random sloping walls, also when the height of the knee wall and the angle of the ceiling are varied. While ATTICCO will just fit in, traditional furniture is pushed out into the room and leaves wasted space behind the furniture.



ATTICCO is the solution if you have a room with a low knee wall and sloping ceiling.

But ATTICCO is also a good choice for rooms with a high knee wall. Here ATTICCO will be installed into the knee wall and provide new space behind it.




So, if you have rooms with sloping walls, ATTICCO will give you extra and attractive storage space under the sloping wall.