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See how our patented concept ensures you Freestanding furniture for the sloping wall – with perfect fit.

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Optimal storage at the sloping wall

ATTICCO is a furniture concept that provides beautiful and optimal storage at or behind the sloping wall. ATTICCO is delivered either as a traditional free-standing piece of furniture in the room or as built-in furniture.

ATTICCO is available in 3 heights, MINI, LOW and HIGH. In LOW and HIGH, you can always freely choose between drawer, cabinet and bookcase. For MINI you can choose ml. bookcase and cupboard.

Low Knee Wall = Freestanding furniture

A freestanding ATTICCO takes advantage of the space under the slanted wall. ATTICCO fits perfectly with all common sloping walls with or without Knee wall.

High Knee Wall = Built-in furniture

A built-in ATTICCO piece of furniture fits the high knee wall. The Knee wall room becomes active space as shelving unit, cupboard or with drawers.

ATTICCO vs. traditional furniture

ORDINARY furniture just does not fit sloping walls. With ATTICCO you get a number of benefits:

  • Utilization of space under the sloping wall.
  • A piece of furniture that does not fill the corridor area.
  • Shield for dust and zeros behind the furniture.
  • No clutter along the wall.
  • Unique design, with a timeless and minimalist look.

If you have a sloping wall, then ATTICCO is the obvious choice.

ATTICCO can be placed in front of or behind the skunk wall.

- Freestanding

A free-standing piece of furniture utilizes the space under the sloping wall, in the free space. ATTICCO fits perfectly with all common sloping walls with or without skunk wall, and can even be adapted to a sloping wall completely without skunk and appear with a pointed rear edge.

- Built-in

A built-in piece of furniture fits the high skunk wall. ATTICCO creates new space where no space was. The skunk room becomes active space as shelving, cupboard or drawer furniture.

Low skunk - Freestanding furniture

High skunk - Built-in furniture

ATTICCO is available in 3 different heights

ATTICCO is available in 3 heights: 

MINI = 60 cm

LOW = 72 cm

HIGH = 106.5 cm.

The 3 heights and a total of 5 furniture variants ensure that ATTICCO fits almost all sloping walls.

It is the geometry of your sloping wall that determines which furniture can be placed by the sloping wall and be beautiful to look at and functional in use.

If the Knee Wall is low (< 80 cm) , you must have a free-standing piece of furniture. Conversely, the Knee wall is high (>110 cm), you need to build in your furniture

Most often, you can choose from several furniture heights and types for your sloping wall.

Only solutions that PERFECTLY fit your sloping wall are offered to you when you use the ATTICCO calculation model.

ATTICCO's many widths ensure great flexibility

ATTICCO offers 2 widths of CORPUS that can be assembled flexibly, which makes it easy to find a solution that furnishes a full wall – as built-in or free-standing furniture.

Whole Corpus = 80 cm

Half Corpus (Plus) = 40 cm

- Built-in Furniture

Built-in furniture can be combined arbitrarily and infinitely with the 2 Corpus widths.

- Freestanding Furniture

Freestanding furniture is assembled with 2 x SIDECOVERS in the side, which is a total of 3 cm.  Furniture widths: 

  • 43 cm (Plus),
  • 83 cm (Solo),
  • 123 cm (Solo Plus),
  • 163 cm (Duo),
  • 203 cm (Duo Plus),
  • 243 cm (Trio),
  • 283 cm (Trio Plus)
  • 323 cm (Quattro)

Freestanding furniture is ALWAYS delivered with a throughout Deck plate regardless of width, which gives the furniture a complete look.

43 cm

83 cm

Solo Plus
123 cm

163 cm

Duo Plus
203 cm

243 cm

Trio Plus
283 cm

323 cm

ATTICCO is available with 3 different functions

Shelving Unit, Cabinet and Dresser!


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- Tall shelving unit

The tall variant has 5 drawers. The two upper drawers have a height of 17 cm, while the three lower drawers have a height of 23 cm. The bottom surface of the high variant's two upper drawers is 73 x 29 cm and 73 x 39 cm and the bottom three are each 73 x 54 cm.

- Low shelving unit

The high variant has in front 6 the same shelf space with a width of 33 cm and a height of 37.8 cm. The depth of the 2 upper shelves is 53.5 cm and of the 4 lower 58.5 cm. The lower shelf plate can optionally be placed 10 cm above the bottom plate - if the furniture is used with a hanger bar.

All ATTICCO Shelving units have room for A4 folders or baskets. In LOW and HIGH it is with 5 folders in each of the 4 and 6 bookcases. In the MINI, the shelves can be moved up so that there is room for 4 A4 folders in each of the two lower shelf spaces.


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- tall drawer​

The tall variant has 5 drawers. The two upper drawers have a height of 17 cm, while the three lower drawers have a height of 23 cm. The bottom surface of the high variant's two upper drawers is 73 x 29 cm and 73 x 39 cm and the bottom three are each 73 x 54 cm.

- Low drawer​

The low variant has 3 drawers, each of which has a height of 23 cm. The bottom surface of the drawers is 73 x 29, 73 x 49 and 73 x 54.

All ATTICCO drawers come with steel-based drawer pull-outs with Push-Out function. This means that the drawers are opened with a light pressure on the drawer front which makes the drawer slide forward. The drawer has 80% extension so there is plenty of space to fill the drawers. Close the drawer again by pressing the drawer front at the bottom. With the use of Push-out, there is no need for handles.

From July 2022 you also have the option to buy the Dresser with SOFT-CLOSE rails.


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- Tall cabinet

The tall variant has 6 shelf spaces. The doors on the cabinet are 39.6 x 104.4 cm.

- Low cabinet

The low variant has 4 shelf spaces. The doors on the cabinet are 39.6 x 69.9 cm.

Both the LOW and HIGH cabinet variants have the same shelf system which is described under the function of Shelving Unit. The cabinet doors comes with a Push-Out system. That means the door
opens by pressing at the top of the cabinet door.

The Cabinet is delivered without handles.

ATTICCO also manages the wall completely without Knee Wall

If you have a sloping wall completely without a vertical piece (or this is less than 25 cm), we also have a solution for you where the back of the furniture is pointed. The pointed rear end means that the height of the furniture legs can be chosen arbitrarily between 7 and 25 cm. The solution is suitable for sloping walls with an angle greater than 44 degrees.

Flexible furniture legs

The furniture legs are molded and lacquered in a muted semi-gloss gray color with a metal look. Felt pieces are supplied for the 4 legs.

ATTICCO’s furniture legs are fully flexible in height from 70 mm to 250 mm. In addition to giving the furniture flexibility for any sloping wall (angle and Knee wall height), the furniture can easily be adapted to a floor that is very skewed or has displacements.


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Mounting plate low

Mounting plate high




Furniture base


Furniture living

ATTICCO MINI is a built-in furniture icon

“MINI” is built-in furniture for low Knee walls. With its shape at the top, it is suitable for installation where the Knee wall is not so high. Depending on the angle of the sloping wall, it can be built-in, down to a Knee wall height of 80 cm.

ATTICCO MINI is 60 cm tall, 70 cm in width and 50 cm in depth.

The furniture space is divided by 1 set of shelf plates that can be placed in 2 heights. Either a symmetrical location, where all 4 shelf spaces have the same opening in the front or in a solution where the shelf plates are moved up, which increases the height in the 2 lower shelf spaces, which thus makes room for A4 folders.

The furniture includes 2 doors (optional use) that are moved 2 mm back in relation to the front of the furniture’s frame and intermediate plate.

MINI is created for a new place in the Knee wall.

Hanger system for the tall cabinet

You can buy the ATTICCO hanger system for HIGH furniture variant as a Shelving Unit or cabinet.

The steel hanger bar is just over 37 cm in width and the height from the bar to the bottom of the cabinet is just over 94 cm, which gives ample height for hanging ordinary. shirts and jackets. The optimal hanger width is 40-44 cm (the best-selling steel hangers = 42 cm).

Since the width in the half Corpus furniture (Plus) is 7.5 mm narrower than in the width in half the space in the whole Corpus, you must choose a hanger system according to the Corpus in which it is to be installed.

The Hanger system consists of a grooved steel bar with brackets for mounting and associated screws. If a hanger bar is desired in both rooms (in a whole Corpus), 2 hanger systems must be purchased. In the cabinet with hanger bar, you can place a shelf plate in an extra low position – 10 cm above the bottom of the Corpus – and still have 2 shelf spaces!

Hanger system - Korpus

Hanger system - Plus

The ATTICCO colour is white.

Technically, the color is called NCSS 0502-Y and it is semi-gloss in gloss 15. The color is very close to RAL 9010. It is the white color used by many European suppliers of doors and windows. The ATTICO color can also be described as base RAL 9010 – with limited golden pigment.

ATTICCO can also be ordered in other colors or delivered with surfaces in veneer (birch, oak, cherry, etc.). If you choose an order for the furniture in veneer or special color, you must expect a delivery time of at least 25 working days and an additional price of 75% – 150%  depending which and how many furnitures you order. Contact ATTICCO for details.

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