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Tailor-made furniture for your sloping wall

The home with sloping walls has an atmosphere – but is difficult to decorate.

We have therefore developed a furniture concept for sloping walls with more than 150 furniture solutions for both installation in the knee wall and as free-standing furniture. You choose whether it should be as dresser, shelving unit or cabinet.

Simply measure the knee wall height and the ceiling angle where the furniture should stand. Then you can calculate which furniture variant (s) is perfect for your home, office or institution.

But just take a look at our wide assortment – which we deliver from day-to-day:

Why should you choose ATTICCO?

Illustration af Atticco ved skråvæggen i forhold til alm. kommode

ORDINARY furniture just does not fit sloping walls. With ATTICCO you get a number of benefits:

  • Utilization of space under the sloping wall.
  • A piece of furniture that does not fill the corridor area.
  • Shield for dust and zeros behind the furniture.
  • No clutter along the wall.
  • Unique design, with a timeless and minimalist look.

If you have a sloping wall, then ATTICCO is the obvious choice.

Our USPs

The ATTICCO concept ensures you more floor space and more storage space.

Functional furniture with unique design, with a timeless and minimalist look.

Our furniture shuts off dust and dirt behind the furniture.

The ATTICCO range can be assembled in more than 1000 ways

You can choose ATTICCO with drawers, as a cupboard or bookcase and in 3 heights.

ATTICCO is made with the best MDF and HDF wood qualities. All surfaces are lacquered.

ATTICCO is produced by a Danish FSC® furniture manufacturer

We deliver your ATTICCO within 5 working days (ex. custom clearance).

Original ATTICCO is ONLY sold via – without intermediaries.

At ATTICCO, you are advised by us who have developed the concept.

We measure our success on your satisfaction with product & service.

We WANT to deliver the best quality / price / service combination.

Take a look at
our gallery

We receive many pictures from our customers of the “ATTICCO of reality”. Thank you for that.

Freestanding low Trio: cupboard - cupboard - bookcase
2 x Freestanding low: Bookcase - Cabinet - Drawer

Design your
own furniture

Measure your sloping wall

It only takes two measurements of your sloping wall.

Choose your furniture variant

Choose furniture variant: Freestanding or built-in.

Choose the width of the furniture

ATTICCO as free-standing furniture is available in 8 widths.

Choose furniture decor

How should it be decorated? Select between Shelving Unit, Cabinet and / or Dresser.

Order your ATTICCO

Now you just have to choose which working day you want the furniture delivered.

What do customers say?

We are very pleased with the finished result. Thank you for the good service both before, during and after. It has been a pleasure. It is rare that I experience as positive a customer service as I think it has been. The operating instructions for assembling the furniture are really complete, just as it was also a pleasure that all the holes just fit perfectly. It made it very easy to assemble the furniture. Can only, will only and have already recommended you to others, which is something I rarely do. Really good day.



Then I finished the project. Very nice furniture. It took a while to assemble but instructions worked fine. Like building with lego



Dear Atticco, Thank you for the prompt delivery of an ingenious product. We are really happy with the result - and your professional approach. We have used a low trio in a “walk-in” in connection with the bedroom with very sloping walls.



How wonderful you are! It is simply the most upscale service I have ever experienced.



I am very happy with both drawers and shelving unit! Thanks. I recommend you every time someone sees the house



Thank you for the fast delivery of an ingenious product. We are really happy with the result - and your professional approach



Now the furniture is installed and I want with this email just to express my great satisfaction with both the furniture and the treatment and service we have received from you and your company. We are extremely satisfied



We have previously purchased ATTICCO furniture for repo, office and bedroom. We are very happy with the concept and it looks really nice. We have now bought some more furniture and this time with the new hanger system. We think it is a super nice concept with good use of the first floor space.



the closets are just as quietly assembled by an 11-year-old completely without the help of adults!



WOW :-) Stop it !! It looks like a million. Hope you get lots of positive response. At least we are broadening our positive experience. We are so glad we found your solution



The idea and the people behind ATTICCO

The idea for ATTICCO was fostered, after countless attempts with “DIY”. The goal was to make a small roof room suitable as a children’s room. But DIY is not the answer when the level of ambition is a new Danish furniture classics

But what do you do then – when you have the sloping walls but can not find furniture to decorate it with? You invent it!

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