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Materials and surfaces

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ATTICCO only uses MDF and HDF boards and not chipboard and laminates at all. MDF boards (from German Mittel-Dichte Fiber Board) are compressed and machine-made boards that consist of a combination of fine wood fibers, wax and glue. The plates are manufactured under high pressure and heat. The MDF board is a strong material that, unlike solid wood, does not twist and work over time. Conversely, compared to the chipboard, it has a solid core and surface that provides strength and durability in the long run.

Surfaces and colors help to give your furniture life and therefore the quality must be top notch – even when the furniture has been used. Our painted doors and fronts receive up to 6 treatments with UV paint / varnish, which is durable and ensures that the furniture’s surfaces stay neat for a long time. Backsides, insides etc. is also lacquered, which gives a complete impression when the surface is just as nice, when the doors are opened or the drawers roll out.

ATTICCO accepts minor varnish/paint defects and minor areas of reduced wood finish on surfaces that are NOT visible after assembly and have NO effect on the appearance and function of the finished piece of furniture. It can, for example, be on the back of the bottom plate, the side plate and the top plate. These plates are all wrapped in an outer plate. The requirement for doors and the inner body is of course the same as the requirement for all outer panels.

The choice has been made from an environmental point of view. The alternative would be that every year ATTICCO would have to sort out and destroy furniture panels that are 100% perfect after final assembly.

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15 mm corpus + 15 mm covering (as free-standing)


3 mm (inclined back plate) and 4 mm (drawer bottom)

There is no need for handles

ATTICCO uses hinges and drawer pull-outs with integrated pressure opener, which means that cabinets and drawers are opened with a light push. This means that there is no need for handles in ATTICCO cabinet and dresser solutions.

From July 2022, ATTICCO will offer a “soft close drawer” solution, that can be purchased as accessories. See assortment.

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Furniture with respect for the environment

ATTICCO is manufactured by an FSC®-certified and COneutral manufacturer. Our brown cardboard for packaging is also FSC®- certified.

ATTICCO wants to manufacture quality furniture from raw materials with a known place of origin, full responsibility and the least possible impact on the environment throughout the value chain from purchasing, processing and distribution.

ATTICCO is furniture for the living attic. And based on this, we naturally want to minimize ATTICCO’s overall “foot-print”, in respect for our common environment.

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In a cradle for grave analysis, home interiors such as furniture will typically be characterized by the fact that the vast majority of the environmental impact occurs in connection with the production of the furniture and secondarily from the distribution of the furniture to the customer. On the other hand, the use of the furniture is marginal in an environmental context. Therefore, the crucial factor if the environmental impact is to be minimized is that ATTICCO produces durable furniture that is used for many years. Therefore, our ambition is that an ATTICCO piece of furniture, freestanding or built-in, should be able to last year after year. And with the use of MDF boards, the furniture can be repainted if one day you want a new color.


A piece of furniture in motion

By this we do NOT mean drawers and doors in motion. But on the contrary, we at ATTICCO constantly strive to improve our furniture. It is both in terms of durability, design, better functionality, new functionalities, easier assembly etc.

That is why we are always interested in receiving feedback from you who use our furniture solution. Both the critical criticism, the praise and the suggestions on how we should have done it.

Consequences of this ambition is that in our delivery to you we often have the addition of bags and fittings with some of our initiatives.

But feel free to come up with your ideas – we would love to realize them.

Local suppliers and sustainable manufacturers

We prioritize using local suppliers and manufacturers.

This ensures that we minimizes transport pollution and improve our control over all details around production and delivery and make the ongoing adaptation and development more simple and flexible.

But crucial for the choice of supplier is that they must match our requirements for quality – here we do not compromise.

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