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Build up to 5 bodies with the design tool. NOTE no limitations in width in reality.

Drag the furniture features you wish down to the sloped wall picture and drop it.

NOTE When you receive your furniture, you can STILL freely choose a new order of function in the furniture.

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Built-in furniture - High

ATTICCO Built-in furniture is integrated behind an existing or new skunk wall, so that only the front of bookcase compartments, doors or drawer fronts are visible. Furniture legs are not included. The furniture is placed on a plinth. If furniture legs are desired, they can be purchased separately.
ATTICCO Height is 105 cm in height. The solution is aimed at rooms with high skunks (larger than 130 cm).

ATTICCO built-in furniture consists of a body and a functional element. The built-in furniture is composed of corpus in 2 widths of resp. 40 and 80 cm. The smallest piece of furniture is 40 cm – you decide on the widest piece of furniture!

ATTICCO High can always be put together as a bookcase and cabinet. But only the whole body comes with drawers.

ATTICCO High – Full body:

  • Bookcase – has 6 shelf spaces, each with room for 5 ring binders.
  • Cabinet – is the bookcase variant equipped with 2 doors in front. The doors are opened by a light pressure on the front and do not need grips.
  • Drawer furniture – has 5 drawers. The drawers have 80% partial pull-out with pressure function, which means that the drawers open with a light pressure on the front and thus do not need a handle. The basic dimensions of the drawers are (WxD): 71 × 29 cm, 71 × 39 cm and 3 drawers of 71 × 54 cm.

ATTICCO recommends that you do not load a body with more than 40 kg. ATTICCO drawer pull-out is approved for 25 kg. ATTICCO is produced using the best MDF wood grades in 15 mm for both body and covering. All surfaces are fully lacquered. Great demands are placed on suppliers of drawer pull-outs, fittings and anchoring irons, which ensures easy assembly, operation and long service life. ATTICCO is manufactured by an FSC®-certified manufacturer of kitchen fronts and special parts for furniture.

Note! Pay attention to whether there are special requirements for fire protection when breaking the skunk wall – especially in multi-storey buildings.

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