Your solution

Your solution

1. Measure slope wall

Guide to measurement

Watch the video where we guide you through a measurement of A: Skunk height and B: Inclined angle. Do you need more help? Contact ATTICCO .

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Get protractors:

Guide to schedule

The table for each furniture variant shows the combinations of leg height and furniture depth you can freely choose – and achieve perfect adaptation to your back wall. Note that the furniture space for the shelf / cabinet / drawer is the same regardless of which combination in the table you choose. The rule is that the higher the furniture legs you choose, the more the furniture is pushed up and out into the room – see illustration.

2. Enter goals

Measure your slope wall and enter the 2 goals. Then press the “Calculate” button. Then you are presented with the furniture variants that fit your sloping wall. Finally, you choose the variant that you want to proceed with.

Use “dot” at decimals

3. Choose furniture

Save your goals and continue

Your slant wall (your entered dimensions):

Select the relevant piece of furniture