Freestanding Furniture High Trio Plus

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ATTICCO Freestanding Furniture is for placement up along the skunk wall and sloping wall. The furniture has a top plate of 31.6 cm in depth. The furniture has furniture legs that are flexible in height from 7 to 25 cm.

ATTICCO High is 106.5 cm in height incl. topplade but excl. furniture legs. The solution is suitable for rooms with medium-high skunks up to approx. 105 cm.

ATTICCO Duo, consists of 3½ body, 3½ functional elements and a covering system. Total width is 283 cm. Placement of the selected functions (Chest of drawers, cupboard and bookcase) is optional.

ATTICCO recommends that you do not load a body with more than 40 kg. ATTICCO drawer rails are approved for 25 kg.

ATTICCO is produced using the best MDF and HDF wood grades in the dimensions 15 mm for resp. body and cover. All surfaces are lacquered.

Only the best fittings and anchoring irons are used, which ensures easy assembly and subsequent easy operation and long service life. ATTICCO is manufactured by an FSC®-certified furniture manufacturer.

Note: Be careful with the survey, to ensure the right furniture for your back wall!

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